You’re probably wondering what this random blog is all about. To tell you the truth, I do not know either. But of course, I couldn’t always keep it that way, could I? This heck of a page needs to tell about something, but that’s where my dilemma comes from: It most certainly doesn’t concern one and only  one category. It doesn’t only speak about clothes, thoughts, pictures, poems, and whatnot just as how other blogs do, but it presents a wide variety of topics that are usually unrelated or irrelevant to each other. Put simply, this is a random blog that rants about random things, hence the blog name. This howls about my thoughts, my contemplations, which most often than not remain unheard, if not ignored. It speaks about the ideas that pass through the expanse of the soft, squishy organ that is my brain, and presents them to the world (or to whomever is bored enough to actually read my random philosophies).

So to all the people out there (or maybe there’s just one of you), I hope you’ll actually get something from my usually underestimated but sometimes sensible posts, and contemplate about them some more.

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